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Abergavenny Street Monitors                                                                           [updated 17th March 2020]

is a scheme being co-ordinated by Jo Webb, to help people who are self-isolating


First step: Come forward to register yourself as a co-ordinator for your street where Jo Webb will link you with others, who may have already come forward      Email:,

or go to the facebook page (link below)


Facebook group for HELPERS:



This group is primarily for those OFFERING help, not for those in need of help. (Jo also has an email list for Helpers not on social media)

 - If you find yourself in need of support, hopefully you will soon receive a leaflet with the contact person for your street.


What do street monitors do ?

We hope that every street will have at least one (preferably more) Street Monitor (SM) who will leaflet every house in their street.  The leaflet will identify the name and contact details of the SM, should help and assistance ever be required.  If you are already a well-known and respected neighbour, then it will make for smooth co-ordination. Guidance is available for Street Monitors.



Stay safe everyone!


Kind regards,

Jo Webb and the other Admins

(Any personal data you provide will be held by the admin team for the express use of this initiative and will be destroyed after the virus is under control)



Street Monitors is not a replacement for official bodies (social services, NHS or local government) but more, a local resource that brings comfort and help, quickly. Over the much  longer term, it will make a valuable contribution to a well-managed and co-ordinated, whole-town response. Please get in touch.