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Message to regular donors March 2020


We want to let you know about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Community Centre.


Regrettably, in line with Government guidance, the Centre closed to the public on March 24th and our three part-time staff have been laid off until further notice (furloughed). The Trust will be claiming 80% of their pay from HMRC when the scheme is up & running.


During the week or so before closure many bookings had been cancelled and we had decided to suspend our regular meals & coffee mornings to reduce risk of infection to vulnerable people. However, during this period we have been able to stock the freezer with cooked meals. Volunteers are standing by to deliver meals and prepare more once demand is identified. We are in touch with the County Council to ensure a co-ordinated response.


As you would expect, the financial implications of the pandemic are significant. We rely heavily on income from our trading activities – room hire, food & refreshments, catering and minibus hire – to keep the Centre running. In our financial year ended 31st October 2019 these accounted for approximately 60% of all income. Closure will mean a sudden drop in income whilst fixed costs remain, although there will be a reduction in utility bills.

We are fortunate in having some reserves and we have calculated that these will be sufficient to withstand closure until the end of August with a slow recovery thereafter. However, our capacity to deal with another crisis or unexpected repair work will be seriously depleted thereafter.


We value the financial contribution that you make through your regular giving and we hope that you will be in a position to continue donating to help us through this difficult period. If all our regular donors are able to keep on supporting us we anticipate the combined payments will amount to £4,000 in our current financial year and attract a further £1,000 in Gift Aid.


Thank you so much for your support which will ensure that we are able to serve the community to the full when this crisis is over.



Sarah Lloyd-Jones & Nicholas Hoyal

Joint chairpersons, Abergavenny Community Trust

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