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The Charity, through the provision of the Abergavenny Community Centre is bringing people together to socialise - keeping people active and involved, for longer.


Our ethos, together under one roof, nurtures a way for more of us to contribute, whereby, creating/freeing a-little-bit-more for each other, and the communities that we share.


The Centre is a community-led response made up of people who understand that life can be complicated, and, that the best kind of help is simple, practical and within reach.



About us

We are local people who live, work, parent, grow-up and grow old in Abergavenny.

Who are we?

How we operate

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New legislation may shortly permit the building to open for some activities (20th July) however these are limited, and governed by  regulations that exist for the 'Leisure & Hospitalities Sector* -  which also governs activitites here. The Trust is, presently, dealing with the wide-reaching challenges & ramifications resulting from the lockdown period.  Meanwhile, where possible & weather permitting - we are preparing safe, new ways to come together again - in very small numbers - outside at first.

*Please remember, the two metre and two household (plus compassionate) still applies, and this has real implications on what we are able to do, in actuality. Please be patient while we work through different scenarios and options - as our collective health depends on the decisions that are taken. Thanks!  Keep watching - we are on it!

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