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The Charity, through the provision of the Abergavenny Community Centre, is bringing people together to socialise - keeping people active and involved, for longer.


Our ethos, together under one roof, nurtures a way for more of us to contribute, whereby, creating/freeing a-little-bit-more for each other, and the communities that we share.


The Centre is a community-led response made up of people who understand that life can be complicated, and very often, that the best kind of help is simple, practical and within reach.



About us

We are local people who live, work, parent, grow-up and grow old in Abergavenny.

Who are we?

How we operate

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Thanks for visiting.

We are pleased to advise that we are preparing to open again for 'permitted activities' from mid September 2020.

Opening to the public can only occur in a carefully staged and managed way. Unfortunately we are not able to offer our popular Wednesday lunch , Friday coffee Morning ,  or Friday lunch until further notice.


Following on from the success of the Family Outdoor Play sessions we will be hosting two 'Tie Dye Saturdays' outside, in September'.  See details here.

Bilingual Families