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Charity Number 1177133

The Charity, through the provision of the Abergavenny Community Centre, brings people together to socialise.  

Our ethos, 'together under one roof' nurtures the way for more people to contribute, whereby creating/freeing

a-little-bit-more for each other; our locality;and in the communities we share.  

The commuity centre is a volunteer-led  movement, made up of people who understand that life can be complicated, and that the best kind of help is simple, practical and within reach.



About us

It's important to look back first.  If you're new to the area, you may not know what has gone before. To fully understand the purpose and the motivation driving the Centre, please visit the old website  

This site charts the experiences (the story) of local people - over a period of one decade - as we sought to lay a foundation for longterm, community prosperity and well-being through self-help. It is a simple story.

We are local people who live, work, parent, grow-up and grow old in Abergavenny.

The Story

Fresh and Fragrant


Who are we?

How do we operate?


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